Spray Painting

I’m a huge fan of not spending money. For that reason, I spray painted just about everything I could. From my bedroom sconces to the little button caps to whatever hinges I could salvage. I tried spraying ALL the hinges but my dad talked me out of it and I’m glad he did. The cabinet hinges were super dated and spraying them would not have helped their cause.

I even spray painted the blinds. Yes, that’s right, I said BLINDS. The blinds that were in the camper were super handy and in great condition. But they were beige. It would have cost me about $1000 to purchase the same blinds in grey. Instead, I bought some charcoal grey spray paint designed for fabric and went to town. Keep in mind, it took a good 6 cans to do two small bedroom blinds and one large dining room set. The fabric just soaks up that stuff. I tried two brands. The first, Simply Spray, was a preferable texture and non-toxic. But it was super expensive, hard to come by, and on every can I bought, the sprayer broke. I MacGuyver-ed it with some wire and got it to work but it was a real pain considering I blew through a can in 2.5 seconds. When I realized how much I was going to need, I switched to the Rustoleum brand. It smelled fumier (though it’s completely gone now) and doesn’t have as nice of a texture. But considering these are blinds and I’m not sleeping on them, I don’t really care. In the end, I’m super happy how they turned out. A nice dark grey for about $70. They match perfect and you’d never know they were sprayed. There are some metal pieces as well that I also sprayed with the clean metal primer and then the brushed metallic silver color. The whole thing was not so hard as it was time consuming. Waiting for the whole thing to dry in between coats and taping it all off was kind of a pain. But overall, I’m super happy with how they turned out.

On top of that, I sprayed just about everything else I could. The old bedside sconces were a shiny gold. But they worked and the style was actually not bad aside from the brassy finish. So I figured why not. Worst case, I could buy new ones, but I ought to at least try. So glad I did. Again, they look really good and I spent about $20 compared to $600 for new sconces. I started off by brushing down the old metal with some steel wool. I wiped it down with some acetone, sprayed it with a coat of Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer, then 2 coats of Krylon Color Master in Brushed Metallic.




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