Reupholstering the Trim

Recovering the trim panels was a pretty straight forward task. It was actually one of my favorite projects because I get some weird satisfaction out of using a staple gun. However, I did face one road block during this project. Such an annoying road block that I have yet to get past.

To recover the panels, I didn’t even bother removing the old fabric. Except for the bedside storage panels, only because a can of apple-cinnamon air freshener must have exploded inside the storage compartment, causing a very distinct smell to taint the former fabric (it’s the only explanation I can think of). Besides those, I left the old fabric on and simply rewrapped the trim pieces. This was fairly easy to do. The hardest part was getting around the curves. I’ll offer the same advice here as I will for sewing, if you’re not confident in your skills, test it out with a piece of scrap fabric. You’ll be happy you did. There are little tricks you’ll learn as you go and it is a real bummer when you make a mistake on $60/yd fabric.

My only warning: Be sure to follow the grain of the fabric. Don’t do what I did (second pic down). I just wanted it all to fit. And it did. But I wasn’t following the grain and had to re-do some of the pieces.

trim1trim 2trim3trim4trim5trim6trim7trim8trim9


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