The North Fork


The North Fork. A place that has received recent acclaim due to its plentiful production of some of the world’s best wine. To me, it’s simply home.

Growing up here, I never realized that what I had was special. I assumed everyone was living the same life I was. It wasn’t until I moved across the country, to busy Southern California, that I learned the North Fork of Long Island is a truly unique place to have grown up. Apparently attending a little, red three-room school house from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade is not the typical American upbringing. And while most families did their shopping at supermarkets, we went to Braun’s for our seafood, Wickham’s for our fruit, and Krupski’s for our vegetables. It may be just across the Peconic Bay from the famous Hamptons, but the North Fork is a world apart.

There are two roads that head East; Route 48, which hugs the Sound, and the Main Road, which hugs the Bay. Each body of water (and the lakes and marshes in between) have their own personality. The Sound is composed of a rough and rocky beach, lined with boulders and massive chunks of driftwood while the Bay has some of the nicest sand and tastiest scallops I’ve ever experienced. A large proportion of the land is set aside by the preservation society. Because of this, the North Fork will never be “the next Hamptons” as some are reporting. Though it has changed a bit since I was a kid, the essence of the simple life is still very prevalent.

So what is there to do on this tip of the island? A lot and a little. Depending on what you make of it. If you want to go full hermit mode and encounter zero human interaction, that is entirely possible. If you want to peruse farmstands and fish markets, you’ll meet some of the hardest working people on the planet (and eat some of the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted!). If you’re feeling like a lush, wine tasting is a seemingly endless endeavor, as the island boasts over 50 vineyards, producing a plethora of varietals.

I am proud to call this place home and I am honored to have had the chance to return and explore the lands as an adult. I hope that through my photos and my words, you get a taste for the magic that is encapsulated here. Below are some links for the things to do, places to eat, trails to walk, and areas to sleep (legal and otherwise).




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