VooDoo Child

He checked the directions that he had written down earlier, scribbled with purple crayon on the back of a Popeye’s receipt, he was at the right place but this not what he had expected. The storefront looked normal enough but there was something odd; perhaps the dark interior. He could see nothing through the front windows or the door which hung ajar.

Ollivander pushed the door open and entered, his paws making no sound against the heavily carpeted floor

“Hello?” he squeaked peering into the dark corners, there was a single brazier on a counter at the back of the shop, the only source of light in the small store. A fragrant smoke rose from the brazier and a figure moved behind the glowing embers. A face became visible, illuminated by the soft light.

“Hello child” came a thick accented voice

Ollie squinted trying to make out more of the woman’s voice

“Come, come Olli – vandah, let me look into your eyes.”

He looked around the shop, there were stacks of yellowing books, vials and jars, he could not discern the contents.

He turned his attention back to the woman behind the counter, he scampered up the leg of a stool and onto the counter where the woman smiled and set pouches in front of him.

“Are you prepared little one?’ her dark eyes shone in the low light as she studied him

Ollivander shifted his weight nervously despite his attempts at remaining calm and unaffected by the odd shop and the strange woman who watched him.

He chided himself, he knew all humans were strange, this one was no different. He reminded himself to stay calm and focus on his reason for coming here in the first place, to explore and experience that beyond the normal.

The woman dumped one of the pouches onto the table, dozens of items rattled against the wood, bird bones and skulls. Ollivander took a step back, shocked by the morbid display.

She turned over a deck of cards, humming to herself as she did so.

She produced a leaf and pricked her finger, creating a symbol with her blood, she then held it above the brazier and after muttering a few words that he did not understand, she dropped the leaf into the flames where it burned up instantly.

She looked to him with a smile

“Almost ready little one.” She grinned and scratched behind his ears

“What is it?”
“I see danger and the otherworldly in your past and future. This!” Ollivander’s eyes shot wide open as her fingers dug into the red hot embers and dug out a small metal symbol, something he had never seen before, something strange and she set it into his paw.

“I see the island you came from little one, a compound and the tall, dark woman and the shadow behind her.”

Ollivander recoiled at first but she forced it into his paw, it was cold to the touch, he jaw dropped and whiskers quivered at the sensation and at the eerily accurate details..

“This will protect you and help you in your travels ahead” the woman finished

“What is it? What does it do?” he looked from her to the talisman suspiciously

“It is what you use it to be” she answered cryptically and he rolled his eyes

“It can protect you and guide you, if you know how to use it and know where you are going.”

“Okay…” Ollivander was clearly suspicious at this point and took the talisman, the woman refused payment and Ollivander continued to explore, putting the odd circumstances behind him.

He has just described to Anne and I this adventure and now that we are back from dinner, the talisman sits with the rest of his things, an odd little metal object. He intends to keep it as a souvenir, after all it is quite unique, we shall see what use it has beyond a few pages of entertainment.

Written by Mason Abdalla