Need Title 2


“You are sure about this?” Ollivander looked intently at the raven hopping back and forth on the gravel in front of him as he stuffed a crayon, a roll of paper, a clam and a flashlight into his tiny backpack.

“I’m not lying” the raven croaked back “I’m telling you, its gonna happen.”

“Okay, I believe you Mr… what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t” and the raven took to the air, circling once before disappearing into the rapidly encroaching dusk.

Ollivander zipped up his pack and thought for a moment, glancing up to the camper and thinking for a moment, he knew Anny and I didn’t like when he left unannounced but we had gone for a walk and did not want to miss this opportunity, it had been his day away from Mom and Dad, for him to relax and have the camper to himself.

He hopped up the steps and back into the camper, digging in his mess of belongings, digging out the odd metal talisman and adding that to his pack before slipping it onto his back and heading for the woods. Right when he thought he was lost he hit the intersection that the raven had told him about, he took a left along the road to the barbed wire fence and took a right, going until it ran out and then