Down by the Seaside


Anne and I took some pictures after walking around the lighthouse, following Ollie as he scampered to the beach where he met his friend Felix, a very pleasant ferret who made the lighthouse his home. Ollie asked to spend the night and after we helped him pack a bag with a blanket, a few snacks and toys, he ran off to play with Felix.

Now according to Ollivander, they went to the lighthouse where Felix opened up a huge box of crayons and they colored for about an hour before going outside where they chased gulls and watched the ospreys circle. Felix’s friend stopped by and warned them of the coming storm (it was a heron, Ollie forgot his name, he is terrible with names). Afraid for their safety, Ollie and Felix found an old weasel tunnel that they explored before heading down to the beach again where they splashed around in the surf and Ollie ended up getting some clams for their dinner. The weather seemed fine enough, easing their fears of any oncoming storm.

Back at the lighthouse for their evening tea, they watched as dark clouds began to roll in,  and sheets of rain fall through the steam rising from the fragrant tea. They thought it best to seek safer shelter.


Written by Mason Abdalla