Halfway There

January 26, 2017

While I am still months away from moving into Yowie, I thought I would write a short post about where I’m at in the process, what I’ve accomplished, what is still on my to-do list, and what my ultimate goals are.

I feel like I’ve been working on the camper for a long time. When I made the decision back in the summer of 2016, I told myself I’d come out to New York, work for 3 months while renovating the camper, and hit the road come the new year. Well, it’s now January and I am nowhere near hitting the road. This delay came about for two reasons. 1) My boss asked if I would be willing to stay on through the busy summer season to manage her hotel, with the promise of a generous bonus if I said yes. And 2) This renovation is a lot more labor intensive than I realized.

Coming “home” to New York has been great. I’ve reconnected with so many old friends, I’ve gotten to experience the nature that I missed so much, and I’ve gotten to eat at all my favorite spots. All of that, along with working 50+ hours/week, doesn’t exactly leave me with a ton of time or energy to renovate. Also, the fact that it’s literally freezing out, doesn’t really motivate me to go outside and work. So yes, I’ve been lazy. And I’m okay with it.

But! I do feel like I’ve gotten a lot done. While it’s hard to visually see it, I know I’m getting there. Right now the camper is essentially an empty shell. The cabinet panels have all been stripped away. The couch cushions are in my room, reupholstered and ready to be put back in, same for the curtains and window treatments. The lighting has all been switched out. Almost every item I’ll need has been ordered. All that’s really left to do is paint and replace the flooring. Oh and replace the air conditioner, install the wifi antenna, replace the bathroom and shower faucets… Yeah, there’s still a lot to be done.

As eager as I am to get going already, I’m realizing there’s no rush. I’m 28 years old and while sometimes I wish I did this sooner, I do still have a good amount of life ahead of me. On top of that, I was not able to buy this camper or truck flat out, so I’m making payments on it. And that truck was not cheap.  That, along with the student debt I’m still trying to pay off, having a good paying job is essential for me right now. As much as I want to just abandon the system, get off the grid and live a nomadic life, I just don’t see it in the cards for me right now. I know my patience will one day pay off once I am payment-free. But until then, I am just going to work as hard as I can to prepare myself for this life I want to live.



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