Progress Update

  1. 1.
    hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Yes, optimism. That’s what I’m feeling. Or least I’m trying. Is there still a shit ton to do on the camper? Absolutely. But after going to town in there this week, I’m able to see that the only real project that needs to get done before I can move in is the flooring. It’s a big one. So big that I’ve enlisted help from my dad. Due to schedule conflicts between work demands and being able to work on it, I have one day to get it done and that’s next Monday. Yikes! My dad sounds confident it’ll get done. I’m scared though. I just know nothing is as easy as it seems and I’m concerned 1 day will turn into 2 and then into 10. We’ll see.

I’ll explain the mad rush. I currently live and work at a hotel. It’s a pretty cushy set up and while there are times where I just want to run far away because I feel like I’m working 24/7, it’s really a good thing I have going here. Maybe too good. I’ve gotten comfortable. The hotel is very seasonal. I’ve pretty much had the place to myself all winter. However, summer is coming and with it comes interns. So the room I’ve had all to myself will have to be shared with an incoming intern. At 29 years old, I have ZERO interest in dorming with a 20-year-old. Also, I am her boss and that’s just weird. So I have  about 10 days before she gets here and I’d like to be fully moved into the camper by then. However, we have some busy days at the hotel from now until then and I can’t exactly be using power tools in the parking lot when we have a hotel full of paying guests looking to relax. So that’s why I am left with ONE DAY to do the flooring.

I can’t install the new mattress until the flooring is done because the planks are being stored where the bed is. The mattress takes a few days of puff up and air out the fumes so I can’t start sleeping in there until that’s ready. So it is crunch time to the max. And I’m freaking out about it. But I keep having to remind myself that I am optimistic. I know part of this stress is just my fear of change. Like I said, I’ve gotten comfortable. But I know my best life experiences have come out of leaving my comfort zone. So that helps keep me going and staying focused.

In the meantime, I hung all the cabinets, installed the stainless steel panels in the fridge, and cleaned everything. It looks so amazing in there. It is 100% my happy place. And the fact that my happy place is mobile makes me even happier. YAY!

Crunchy Time

May 5, 2017

It’s officially crunch time. I have about 2 weeks to finish the camper and move in. To say I am feeling somewhat stressed about it is a complete understatement. I am totally freaking out. The floor has not been laid, the cabinets not hung, the air conditioner not installed, the new batteries have not been switched out, the generator is giving me some issues, the faucets have yet to be switched out, and Yowie isn’t even dewinterized yet. Writing that sentence made me want to cry a little. Also, I am still working a ridiculous amount of hours/week (at my real job) and that is only going to increase as we head into summer. I’m so screwed.

I’m really trying to stay optimistic but I keep falling behind schedule. For example, my to-do list yesterday included hanging all 13 cabinet doors. I had about 2 hours of hustling to get in before I had to go to work and thought I could maybe bang it all out if I was persistent enough. I hung one. It seems every time I set out to do something, it takes about 10x as long as I expect it will. It feels so impossible to stick to my schedule. I have no idea how I am going to do it.

I guess I will either figure it out or I will be living in a super tiny construction zone. Not ideal but it is what it is. I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that summer is not going to be an easy one. I am working a job I don’t want to be doing and living in a state I don’t want to be in. I’m 3,000 miles away from my boyfriend. And I’m in a very camper UNfriendly environment. Despite the odds beings somewhat against me, I know this is just how it has to be unless I’m able to figure out an alternate scenario. Time will tell. For now, I need to quit bitchin’ and get workin’.